Auction # 3

Congratulations to all buyers of previous auction for their winning Bids. We are extremely happy to announce our 3rd Auction and Presumably the LARGEST AUCTION OF INDIAN MATERIALS ever conducted by anyone in India. 

The Date has not been finalized and shall be updated soon. For viewing the catalogue and registration on the auction portal click HERE.

VERY IMP: Please Read the Auction T&C Page before participating in the event to avoid any confusion and last minute query. Its on the Drop down list of Auction tab of the website.

Increment Table of Bids:

From (in Rs.) Increments (in Rs.)
0 25
500 50
2,500 100
5,000 250
10,000 500
25,000 1000
50,000 2500
1,00,000 5000


TIPS & TRICKS Required to Participate in Auction # 3.

Please note this Auction shall be containing more than 1250 Lots which means approximately 10-12 hours. We understand that it is impossible for any bidder to sit and stay online continuously for such long period of time and hence we have some amazing features and tips for you to help you to not miss your lot of interest.

The way we have designed the sequence is that the First 250-300 Lots shall be Premium Lots and will be conducted by our auctioneer. The balance Lots will be auctioned continuously by the software. Please note the whole auction shall be conducted on a Platform which is completely automated to conduct auction, hence there will be no manual intervention and all lots will be auctioned automatically by the software. Use Below mentioned Tips to help you not miss any particular Lot(s)


1. Download the App Bidspirit which is the auction app.

2. Lots are uploaded 10-15 days before the actual auction day for Pre-Live Bidding. Use this time to go through all the listings. 

3. Make your wish list of all the lots of your interest in the Mobile App. Link for the same is available in the App. 

4. Set Alert in the mobile app for alerting you 4-5 lots before. This alert can be set for multiple lots. You will receive an alert on your mobile 4-5 lots before the auction of your lot is about to start. It gives ample amount of time to quickly start the app on mobile itself and make the live bid on that lot.

5. You can log in Multiple times. Once Log-in is done using mobile App, it will not ask your login credentials each time you start the app. So it takes less than 1 minute to join live auction. (Use save password feature)

6. Use Forward Bidding. The way it works is that say a particular lot is listed at Rs. 1000 or the current bid has reached Rs. 1000, in either case if you are sure to buy it upto say Rs. 2500, then you may enter 2500 as your bid. The software will automatically take your current bid as Rs. 1100 (increment value over 1000) and you shall be the highest bidder upto 2500. In such case the auctioneer / auction house cannot view your forward bid (It is hidden). The only way you will loose this item is if any other bidder make a bid of more than 2500. 

I hope the above explanation is clear, but still if there is any confusion then please feel free to call us and clarify regarding any feature at +91-9649022220.


Very Imp: Please register well in advance once the catalogue is uploaded. Previously registered users do not require to register again. Please clarify your doubts regarding any lot well in advance. There is a link on each listing to ask query. Last minute registrations and approval or technical query cannot be entertained as we need time to set up before the auction starts. Also no calls / whatsapp message shall be replied during the auction. You will get ample amount of time (10-15 days) for viewing, making pre-bids and clarifying queries for any lots of your interest. 

The Link to auction catalogue and Date of Auction shall be updated on this page once its uploaded. We are in progress of making the catalogue.


Best of Luck and Happy Collecting.