Condition of Products

***All Images On The Website Are Referral *** - due to multiple quantity listing we cannot change image of thousands of item every time hence the block of stamps having margin in image may have different side margin or no-margin at all, similarly traffic light in blocks of stamps or singe stamp may be present in image but not in the item delivered. all images are only referral except for the items listed in errors/oddities category.


The condition of the stamps may be defined in following manner: -

MNH- Mint Never Hinged

MLH – Mint Lightly Hinged

MH – Mint hinged (Heavy Hinge Mark)

MM – Mounted Mint (Stamp is Unused but it’s stuck on a paper)


For all mint never hinged stamps, please understand that all stamps are in Excellent Condition from the year 1990 onwards, i.e. all are white gum no mark / spots. Stamps for the period 1957-1988 are mixed in condition i.e. many are white, many are off-white / v. v. light yellow in color this is because of the tropicalization of gum side in India due to the climate and old printing technology used. Stamps before 1957, may be tropicalized completely 


Regarding FDC, the cancellation on the stamp may differ from image, the position of cancellation, stamps etc may also differ from image as such the image is only referral and we have multiple quantity listing. Many cancellations today also are hand stamped in philatelic bureaus resulting in slight smudging, all these are general condition nothing related to major damage.

We try to provide the best condition possible, in general our materials are much better in condition than our competitors because we carefully examine each stamp and send you the best available. However, in any case if you are not satisfied by the material’s condition, there is always an option of refund (read our refund policy) You can contact us for the same.