IMK Privilege


Get rewarded for Shopping!

 Welcome fellow philatelists!

The Philatelic Community is a close kit group and we at India Mint would like to extend that warmth and build a stronger bond with our esteemed collectors and fellow dealers. We would like to bring some additional benefits to our members, so they may not feel compromised in any manner. And hence we have introduced our ongoing IMK Privilege Program.

IMK Privilege allows YOU, our customer to avail IMK points with every purchase which then can be redeemed with discount vouchers, free gift items and other exciting offers depending upon your collected points.


  • Registering for the program is simple - CREATE A STORE ACCOUNT and update your email id at the time of sign up.

  • With every purchase earn IMKPs which are automatically maintained in your account
Please remember to continue your purchases from the same id, multiple ids will be treated at new accounts.

      How to EARN IMKPs:  

      For every Re 1 spent earn 1 IMK Privilege point                 

      At the time of New Sign up earn 200 IMK Privilege points (Applicable only ONCE)

       How to SPEND IMKPs:

      • Once you have collected your IMKPs, Check the current spending options provided in our IMK Privilege pop up (Green Tab on the right side of the screen)
      • It allows you to spend your points and avail some benefits. Select the item and purchase it with your IMKPs
      • Once done, a code will appear which will also be emailed to you for future use. You can only use that code in your next purchase. 
      • Each code is applicable only once and redeemable at the time of purchase
      • Enter the coupon code in the discount section and get your IMK Privilege!
          How to Avail FREE GIFT item:

          Redeeming coupons for free gifts are easy.
          • First, add the free item that you have purchased with your IMKPs to your cart.
          • This is important without it you will not be able to get your free item.
            Second, at the time of checkout apply the coupon code generated specially for you (it will be saved on your email). Once the coupon is applied the said item will be made free.

          REMEMBER - You cannot use your IMKPs in your current order

          Exciting options available are :



                   Exclusive Discounts                                 Cash Discounts                                  Free Gift Items*

          Free Shipping