Past Auctions

Greetings Fellow Collectors,

We are glad to inform that our past auctions were a great success and the results beyond our expectation. We Thank all our Participants for making it a huge success and further encouraging us to come up with more auctions. The below mentioned link is provided for viewing the lots put up in auction and the items sold with their realized values. 


Auction # 1 - Catalogue & Realizations (19th Feb 2023)

Auction # 2 - Catalogue & Realizations (4th June 2023)

Auction # 3 - Catalogue & realizations (6th August 2023)

Auction # 4 - Catalogue & realizations (29th October 2023)


The Next Auction is already in progress and updates will be posted here soon. For More Details keep checking out website. All Tips and Tricks to ensure proper tracking of your lots and setting up alerts is mentioned on Upcoming Auction Page.