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Approval Request

Reference (Only For New Bidders)

All Bidders who have participated earlier in past auctions of myindiamint are already pre-approved for the auction and may use their existing log in credentials to participate. 
For new registrations please note it is mandatory to verify email & phone number via OTP. After registration is completed, then you will need to click the link "Request Approval from Auction House" for this specific auction on Bidspirit. This is very important as we will not be able to approve without you placing request by clicking the link and without the approval you shall not be able to bid / participate.
This is a closed auction and approvals are given to bidders only after verification. Please note that you will need to provide us with 2 references of any prominent Dealer & Philatelist of India who can vouch for you. 

Please do not forget or Ignore to read the Terms and Conditions Carefully before Participating. All Important points are mentioned unambiguously. Also please view the section below on this page that provides Tips & Tricks to attend this particular auction as well as the condition of various products that are listed in the auction.

Mint Sheets

Other Items

Multiple Images

Back Scan of Most Items Provided with any defect mentioned. **Please Note** there are chances that some defects are visible but not mentioned, please treat the scan as final condition of the product. Sheets may go out of scan area but they all are complete sheets. Folds from perforation are not visible but most of the sheets may be treated as folded even if not mentioned. Chances are that negligible defect like folds / negligible crease are not mentioned. Its always better to take clarification using link provided in each listing to ask for doubts before bidding.
We try to mentioned everything in as much detail as possible but sometimes we may miss out on few negligible defects. Please seek clarification if unsure regarding any Lot that you are planning to bid or of your interest.
Most of the Lots would be provided with Multiple Images however in many cases if we didn't think its important to do so then only single image is provided. 


Please seek clarification for items before bidding. Do not hesitate to ask us or contact us even if you have 1% doubt regarding any item(s) in the Auction Lot.
You may whatsapp us at +91-9649022220 with the Lot number and your doubt. Alternatively a link namely "Make an Enquiry about this item" is provided in each listing which can be used to get clarification.

TIPS & TRICKS --- For Participating in this 1000+ Lots & 12 Hr+ Auction


Set Alert On Each Lot


Auction Alert

Use Mobile App to Set Alert for all the Lots of your interest. A notification shall be sent to you approximately 4-5 Lots before the live bidding of the particular lot starts for which the alert is set. The link for the same is provided in each lot individually.
Make a Wishlist of all the items of your interest to make it easy to track the bidding status. If you have Pre-Bid on items before the live auction day then an outbid notification will be sent automatically on your app if you have been outbid for that lot.
Set alert for intimation before the auction starts. Log in 15-20 mins before the auction start time. Any technical error / issue cannot be resolved at the last second since its a timed auction and will start automatically.


Forward Bid

Forward Bid / Max Bids are Hidden

The Lots are put up for pre-bidding well in advance atleast 10-15 days before the live auction. We recommend to use this time to make your bids as it will become impossible for anyone to attend the complete auction which will be 12 hours or more.
Don't hesitate to use the feature of submitting your maximum forward bid even if you are the highest bidder. A forward bid means you enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay for that lot. You shall remain the highest bidder until anyone else puts a bid amount higher than yours, and till that bid amount all other bidders will keep getting outbid incrementally.
Please note that Bidspirit is an international platform. We have no control over the platform codes and data. All Forwards bids placed by bidders are HIDDEN from the auctioneer and hence only the bidder knows the maximum bid placed by him/her.

30 Seconds Per Lot

Last Sec Bids Useless

Time Increment

All Lots will be set up for Auction @ 30 sec time duration per Lot. Since the Lots are uploaded well in advance, 15 seconds are sufficient per lot. The auctioneer shall be conducting the first 250-300 Lots and shall manage time per lot manually. After that the software shall automatically continue other lots.
Please do not bid at the last second or wait till the last second to place bid thinking you may win the lot with time ending. The Timer of 15 seconds will restart for that particular lot after each and every bid. The next lot will be switched over only when NO BIDS ARE PLACED for 15 Seconds. Also sometimes the platform experiences network lag of 1-3 seconds and your bid may not register if placed at the last second.
IF for any particular lot you need additional 15 seconds to take your decision, then please TYPE - TIME in the chat box provided and the auctioneer shall update time manually only for that particular lot. Please do not use the chatbox for any other messaging purpose during live auction to help us conduct auction smoothly.

Mobile App

Use App

Multiple Log-in

Do not forget to download the mobile app to use all the amazing features mentioned above. The name of the app is "Bidspirit" and is available for both android and apple (iOs) users.
Though most of the features are available online also, but few features like getting an alert before a particular lot goes live is available only for mobile app. The notifications on your mobile needs to be enabled and all permissions to be given after the App is installed in order for all features to work properly.
We understand that its not practical or possible for anyone to continuously sit online for complete auction which may take more than 12 hours. Hence the feature to log out and log in multiple times during the auction is available and may be used as per your convenience. 
All Lots are divided into various categories like Postal History, Errors, Miniatures, Sheetlets, Setenant Sheets, etc. Use the drop down box to look at the Lots of your desired Category to make it simpler. Even the Mint Sheets spanning from 1965-2010 are divided in various categories to help you find Lots quicker. Please note we have intorduced a special category called Dealers Arena / BULK. There are more than 20 Categories to make your search simpler.

Few Noteworthy Sales From Our Past Auctions

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